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Planing your pedalboard

I  think this site has been around for a while. Sometimes things get lost because everything is newer, better, faster. This my friends is a pretty helpful site to plan your pedalboard setup. Even though you are limited to what Pedaltrain has to offer when it comes to board sizes, it still will be all you need to find out if you can fit your new fancy pedal on your board.

Buffers – In depth

I came across this whole buffer issue once I heard my guitar signal going straight to my amp and in comparison the same signal going through my tuner and then to my amp. The difference was too noticeable…This guy Nick does great job in explaining what a buffer can do. I recommend everyone to try out some of those buffers out there.

Pete Thorn is quiet a nerd. Check out what he has got to say.

And here’s more Buffer nerdism