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Pedalcheck I Can you take me higher? Gain a new perspective

There’s plenty of High-gain pedals out there and to honest most of them are either to fizzy or just too inflexible in what they do. Of course there’s the classics like the MT-2. Wampler just came out with a new pedal that seems to have the potential of becoming a least a new standard for the metalheads out there.

Buffers – In depth

I came across this whole buffer issue once I heard my guitar signal going straight to my amp and in comparison the same signal going through my tuner and then to my amp. The difference was too noticeable…This guy Nick does great job in explaining what a buffer can do. I recommend everyone to try out some of those buffers out there.

Pete Thorn is quiet a nerd. Check out what he has got to say.

And here’s more Buffer nerdism