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Black Rage

Personally, I am not a big Sabbath fan but with Brad Will on Drums and Rubin turning the knobs, or wait he doesn’t really do that anymore. Anyway, him being there and supervising that whole process will most probably make this a great record. Soundwise at least.

Ambient swells – In depth

I’ve been following this guy Andy Othling on his youtube channel for quite a while. If you are into ambient sounds then his stuff is just what you are looking for. So for those of you who always wanted to know to make them swells…..check it out! It’s especially interesting to find out how to keep your sound clean because with tons of reverb and delay you may find yourself carried away by not only ambience but just pure white noise!

There’s four parts. Learn and enjoy!

Buffers – In depth

I came across this whole buffer issue once I heard my guitar signal going straight to my amp and in comparison the same signal going through my tuner and then to my amp. The difference was too noticeable…This guy Nick does great job in explaining what a buffer can do. I recommend everyone to try out some of those buffers out there.

Pete Thorn is quiet a nerd. Check out what he has got to say.

And here’s more Buffer nerdism